Why I Love Meditation


Ok, so by now you must have heard about meditation but do you know why you should meditate? According to Wikipedia, there have been hundreds of studies since the 1950’s on the benefits of meditation, which by the way has been around for thousands of years. I’d say that meditation has been in my life for about 20+ years. Just to be clear I haven’t meditated daily during this time but I have done long spurts where it has been a part of my daily ritual. Not until the past year did I ask myself why I keep stopping…clearly my life was better with it. In making the commitment to do a daily meditation I’ve found the following benefits…


I wouldn’t say I suffer from anxiety but I have been anxious before and most certainly I have been stressed. My key to living a stress free life is not sweating the small stuff, trusting that everything is exactly how it should be, letting go, exercise and most importantly meditation…why do I say most importantly meditation well I believe by meditating regularly it allows me to not sweat the small stuff, trust that everything is exactly how it should be and being able to just let go. The times I fall out of my practice is when life seems more intense and I can’t quite practice these life tools as easily.


Maybe I am delusional but I really believe this is true. I have even googled it and apparently, this is a real thing. My advice…take a picture of your face before and after meditation and see the results for yourself. I love that calm relaxed feeling in my body but also I can feel my face is more relaxed too.


This is absolutely true for me. The days I don’t meditate there is a noticeable difference in my concentration. I like to explain it as if I am in the zone. I am not easily rattled and I can really get a lot done because I can focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand.


There is a sense of awareness that becomes present with showing up and meditating daily. I’d say this sense of mindfulness and awareness becomes stronger too the longer I have been meditating…just another reason for me to want to do it daily.


One thing I have noticed in the past years is that I have rarely been sick and the couple times I have been under the weather it was for a short period of time. It seems that meditation is good for your immune system.


Don’t hate me but the majority of the time I sleep like a baby…especially on the nights that I meditate before bedtime. I know a lot of people don’t recommend doing meditation in bed but I do. In fact, I usually like to meditate first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. I find my body is able to relax better if I am laying down. So, on the days that I have a lot going on doing a meditation before bed helps we wind down from the busy day. Once the meditation is done I am lights out until the morning.

meditationJodie Kelli