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How yin yoga helps

Yin yoga offers so many benefits to your overall health. While it’s mostly known for deep stretching and relaxation, this practice also offers many other lesser known benefits and opportunities to find balance in the body.


*powers down* the nervous system

The long poses and deep breathing of yin yoga offers your body the ability to relax into a pose for longer than yang yoga styles. This relaxation allows the nervous system to *power down,* helping your body move out of fight or flight mode, and into rest and digest mode - the essential state for healing and recovery.

Stimulates the endocrine system

The endocrine system is responsible for your body’s hormone production and includes the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal body, and the reproductive organs (ovaries and testes). Many yin yoga poses work to promote Qi (energy) & blood flow to these organs, supporting their healthy function.

Stimulates Chinese Medicine meridians

In Chinese Medicine, there are 12 main meridians or energy pathways throughout the body, that when blocked - due to physical, chemical, & emotional stressors - the result is imbalances & symptoms. Many Yin yoga poses stimulate the meridians (fascia) using stretching & compression, thereby unblocking and improving energy flow.

Promotes blood flow & tension release

Different yin yoga poses offer improved blood flow to organs in the body (example Camel pose supports blood flow to the thyroid), or deep stretching and stimulation of connective tissues & fascia (example, the squat pose offers a deep pelvic release). Blood flow and tension release is important for healthy function.


About my Yin Body Balance Programs

I’m creating the Yin Body Balance programs to give women the tools to take control of their own health and body on a daily basis.

My training in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is deeply rooted in understanding the energy of the body. When I started practicing yin yoga, it was so familiar to me. I knew it was the powerful tool I was looking for to help women continue their healing after they leave my acupuncture room.

I created these daily practices, so that you can take time for yourself every day, and support your body’s natural balance and healing.


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