Dive deeper into natural wellness.

Whether you’re looking for treatment, or to expand your teachings or practice, join me for workshops, retreats and trainings. All my teachings combine my experience with Chinese medicine, yin yoga, reiki, and more, to offer a holistic, connected approach to healing.  




7-Day Reiki & Beyond Retreat

Costa Rica | July 2019

Elevate your understanding and approach to Reiki, by integrating it with the teachings of astrology and Chinese medicine, so you can heal and consult on a heightened level.

This retreat covers Reiki Level 1 taught with this whole new holistic approach, so even if you’ve been practicing for years, you’ll gain a whole new expanded understanding of how to heal and treat.

Join us! Heighten your reiki practice. Enjoy an amazing week in Costa Rica with beautiful people. Relax & recharge.




Yin Body Balance Workshop + Acupuncture

Vancouver BC | Coming this fall

A lot of “problems” we see in our body, like exhaustion, weight gain, moodiness, PMS, fatigue, anxiety, fertility challenges, depression - are not in themselves problems, but symptoms of imbalance of hormones and energy in the body.

If you’re suffering from feeling constantly at war with your body, frustrated and out of options, these workshops are designed for you.

Slow down, relax, restore a nature hormonal balance to your body, with an hour of my signature Yin Body Balance flows, meditations, and personalized acupuncture treatment.

Join us for monthly workshops in Vancouver, BC. Starting Fall 2019.

Ps. Up to $99 of cost of your workshop is covered by most Extended Health Benefits.




Yin Body Balance | Yoga Teacher Training

Fall 2019 | healing with yoga training

This Fall, I’m launching my own Yin Yoga teacher training, focused on the Yin Body Balance method, so you can learn how to create your own sequences and support your patients’ overall health.

Trainings will be retreat-style, and also include daily yoga practice, adventure and some R&R. Sign up to learn to get early access and early bird deals.

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