Yin Yoga to Support Fertility

Programs designed to improve hormonal balance, decrease stress, and connect with the body, for an easier time getting pregnant.

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How can yin yoga help fertility?

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by too much stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, improper diet, artificial hormone exposure, all of which may affect ovulation and fertility. Yin yoga works to stimulate and balance the neuroendocrine system while calming the nervous system to promote overall healthy hormonal balance.

Stress management

Stress, anxiety, fatigue and lack of self-care is common when first trying to get pregnant. Yin yoga is naturally a deeply relaxing practice, when paired with the idea of stopping and taking time for yourself and connecting with your body, it can help to bring better balance, more energy, and lower stress in your life.

Blood & Energy Flow

Yin yoga poses, especially when held for 2-5 minutes, allow Qi & blood flood to major reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries, and stimulates the pelvic region and various meridians on the body. This supports better energy flow throughout the body.


5 Daily Yin Poses to Support Your Fertility

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Yin Yoga Poses for Fertility

Scroll through the poses below for some sample fertility-friendly poses and how they can help you.

For the full low-down, download my 5 Daily Yin Poses to Support Your Fertility for a complete daily flow, pose instructions, variations and counter poses.


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