12 Clean Healthy Snacks for People on the Go


If you are like me then you LOVE healthy snacks. I work long days and don’t do well eating big meals so I have found that smaller meals and healthy snacks are what sustain me. I get asked a lot what I do for food, so I thought I’d share what are my favourite things to snack on during the day. My first rule in eating is I don’t skimp on the quality of food I eat…organic is my preferred preference. Also, all snacks must be easy to make and easy to transport in my bag. Everything I make from home goes into glass containers. I bought great ones from Costco…they come in 3 different sizes.


Organic Nuts

I love to carry a bag of mixed raw organic nuts with me in my bag. Anytime I want a little pick me up this is my go to. There are so many health benefits to eating raw organic nuts. My favourite combos are:

  • Almonds – high in calcium and vitamin E, low in carbs, a good source of good fat, protein, and antioxidants.

  • Walnuts – in Chinese medicine these are perfect to tonify the kidney Qi energy, nourish the blood, warm the lungs and moisten the intestines.

  • Brazil – one ounce of these nuts provides 774 percent of the daily recommended value of selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral essential to our immune system and thyroid function.


Organic Celery

Okay, I know what you are thinking…celery? Really? Yes, really! What I love about celery…it is a great substitute for bread and the perfect gluten free option. My favourite things to put on it is:

  • Nut butter (organic peanut butter and almond are my favourites)

  • Sunflower butter

  • Tahini

  • Hummus

  • Salsa


Organic Apple Slices

Apple slices dipped in the following:

  • Almond butter

  • Hummus


Organic Pear and Peach Slices

Pear and peach slices dipped in:

  • Hummus


Organic Carrot Sticks, Cucumber and Radish Slices

These veggies are a perfect for dipping in:

  • Hummus


Organic Kale Chips

If you want homemade then check out my recipe otherwise there are different kinds available in health foods stores and even Starbucks now sells them.


Organic Rice Crackers

I am in love with the new thin version of rice cakes. My favourite things to top it with are:

  • Peanut butter with banana slices

  • Hummus with kalamata olives

  • Tahini with honey

  • Mashed avocado with lemon juice squeezed on top

  • Soft goat cheese – herb flavoured

  • Peanut butter sprinkled with organic coconut flakes


Coconut Yogurt

Oh, my! My favourite brand is Yoso Coconut yogurt. You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of their 3 types: Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate. I love adding blueberries to the plain and the vanilla yogurt. 


Organic Watermelon

Two of my favourite ways to eat this delicious fruit are:

  • Cut into cubes with lime juice squeezed over it

  • Cut into cubes with soft goat cheese and organic mint sprigs to make the perfect summer salad


Organic Fruit Salad

I don’t do this during the winter months but during the summer I try to eat this daily. I don’t think you can beat fresh organic fruit! You might sense a theme…my favourite combo is:

  • Blueberries

  • Raspberries

  • Blackberries

  • Strawberries


Organic Grapes

This is also a snack I only do in the summer. Fresh green grapes are my absolute favourite. Want to try something different? Wash the grapes then stick them in the freezer for an hour…you have to eat these right away and on a hot day, you will taste nothing better!


Chia Pudding

This is something I like to make before I go to bed at night. I either have this for breakfast or bring it into work in a mason jar for a late morning snack. This chia pudding recipe is easy to make and never disappoints!