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14-time winner of Vancouver’S Best AcupuncturE


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GRAduated as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine


Holistic Nutritionist


Owner of Elements Wellness Centre


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Hormones | Thyroid | Fertility

Get daily yin yoga practices to support natural hormonal balance, a healthy thyroid, or improved fertility.

Yin Body Balance combines the teachings of Chinese Medicine & acupuncture with Yin Yoga to restore flow and balance in the body.

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Hi I’m Kelli Taylor,

I’m here because so many of us are frustrated with our health, can’t find answers, and are often prescribed solutions that mask our symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

Let’s stop the frustration. I hope this site can be your Home Depot for finding the tools to help solve your personal healing journey from the inside out, as natural wellness has always done for me.

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with health issues from open-heart surgery, to thyroid problems, scoliosis and more.

Through every challenge, I found answers in both natural wellness options and Western medicine, and I realized the two go hand in hand.

My life’s work has been dedicated to understanding how to heal the body from within. I’ve collected many tools, from Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, to nutrition and essential oils, to meditation and more.

Now I want to share these tools with you.


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